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When you need a certain amount of money, for example for the purchase of any product, many people apply for a payday loan at the bank and the main thing here is to make the right choice. A payday loan from Bank gives you the opportunity to purchase what you need in the shortest possible time, and the ability to apply for a payday loan online makes this opportunity as convenient as possible.

Perhaps someone will be able to borrow money from friends, but not everyone today is willing to give the necessary amount of money in debt, especially if this amount is large enough. An application for a cash payday loan in gives you the opportunity to receive up to 1,000,000 rubles.

Terms of payday loan

Terms of payday loan

Today the bank offers a payday loan on the following conditions:
– the sum from 3000 to 1 000 000 rubles;
– the interest rate on the payday loan will depend on the credit program;
– payday loan period from 3 to 36 months;
– The term of consideration of the application of 15 minutes.


For its customers, Bank offers three types of payday loans:


Credit funds on the card account.
This type of lending makes it possible to get a universal financial instrument and always have money on hand. Right now you can apply online for a credit card and get up to 300,000 rubles at your disposal.


Credits for goods in stores.
Express payday loans in hundreds of partner stores of the bank throughout Russia, which make products of various categories here and now available.

Features of the express payday loan for the purchase of goods:
– payday loan processing, including obtaining a bank decision, usually takes about 15 minutes;
– an employee of Bank immediately reports the possible payday loan amount, agrees on the date and amount of the monthly payment. The bank does not charge any fees for processing a payday loan and maintaining an account;
– the buyer receives the goods by paying the store only the first installment (if it is required). To apply for a payday loan, you need to provide only a passport of the Russian Federation For individual payday loans, the bank may request an additional document;
– the payday loan can be repaid in monthly installments or fully repay ahead of time without additional fees and commissions.


Credits in online stores.
Registration of a payday loan from Bank for goods directly when placing an order in the online store – a partner of the bank. The courier will deliver the payday loan agreement for signature along with the ordered goods.

Benefits of a payday loan:
– to get a payday loan for a purchase in the online store, you do not need to visit the bank;
– in most cases, the credit decision is made immediately;
– A wide network of payments will allow you to choose a convenient payment method.

How to apply for an online payday loan in Bank


Checkout. After selecting a product, the customer needs to place an order on the website independently online:
– add the item to the “basket”;
– select the payment method “On credit”;
– fill in the questionnaire of 4 required fields;
– click the “Send” button.


Call from the bank. After placing the order online, an employee of Bank will contact the client by phone, ask the necessary questions and inform about the decision of the bank. If it is positive, it will only wait for the courier from the online store.


Signing a contract. The courier will bring the goods and documents that are needed to conclude a payday loan agreement.

In the context of the popularization of various online services, it is not surprising that you can now apply for a cash payday loan to without leaving your home. After a preliminary check, a bank employee contacts the borrower and informs him of the bank’s decision.

Nowadays, it has become so simple to receive the necessary amount that the limitations of financial opportunities lose their boundaries. It is important to remember only that the payday loan taken must be repaid regularly, avoiding delays and, moreover, debts. Otherwise, an unfair borrower is threatened by communication with collection services and further collection of credit debt . That is why before applying for a payday loan you need to properly assess your financial capabilities.

Payday loan

  • 10/10 payday loan amount – 10/10
  • 6/10 Lending period – 6/10
  • 3/10 Interest rate – 3/10
  • 10/10 Borrower Requirements – 10/10
  • 10/10 Application processing time – 10/10

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