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We offer you to familiarize yourself with the terms of the payday loan in cash . After reading, you can apply online for a payday loan to Bank.

Online application for a payday loan in Bank

A payday loan without guarantors and collateral on very favorable terms gives you the opportunity to realize all your plans. You can spend money on any purpose: the repair of an apartment or a car, the purchase of furniture or household appliances and much more.

Payday loan terms


The maximum payday loan amount is 3,000,000 rubles, the minimum is 50,000 rubles.


The payday loan term for a borrower’s choice can be 24, 36, 48, 60 months.


The interest rate on a cash payday loan at varies from 20% to 34.9% per annum (the rate is determined individually, based on an analysis of the borrower’s credit history and a package of documents.).


Consideration of an online application for a payday loan or an application filed at the bank office takes up to 4 working days.


payday loan issuance fee is not charged.


Collateral for a cash payday loan in is not required (the payday loan is provided without collateral and guarantors).

Documents for a payday loan


To obtain a cash payday loan at , you will need a passport of a citizen of the Federation.


One of the identity documents:
– driver’s license;
– international passport;
– insurance certificate of state pension insurance;
– military ID;
– certificate of TIN assignment.


A copy of the workbook / employment contract (contract), with a note that the employee is still working / a certified certificate of employment;


Documents confirming the client’s income for the last 4 or 12 calendar months (one of the following documents at the client’s choice):
– certificate in the form ;
– certificate from the organization of the employer in the form of a bank or in free form on the letterhead of the organization-employer;
– statement of the account to which the salary is credited.


When applying for a payday loan in the amount of 300,000 rubles or more, you will need to submit one of the additional documents:
– A document confirming the purchase of real estate (including through borrowed funds);
– certificate of registration of the vehicle (car) / technical passport (PTS);
– passport with stamps of border control, confirming the fact of travel abroad in the last 12 months;
– A voluntary medical insurance policy that is relevant at the time of issuing the payday loan;
– deposit agreement and statement of deposit account from the date of deposit opening. The deposit must be at least 300 000 rubles and opened no later than 3 months ago.

Requirements for the borrower

A citizen of the Federation who has reached 21 years of age can take a cash payday loan at online, and also not be over 65 at the time of application. If the payday loan amount is from 500,000 rubles, the minimum age of the borrower should not be 25 years.

At , customers with a positive credit history can get a cash payday loan without collateral and guarantors with a reduced interest rate and expect to accelerate the decision to issue funds.

Online application for a payday loan in Bank

On the official website you can apply for a cash payday loan online at by filling out the form in two steps. Fill in only truthful information, otherwise you will be denied a payday loan.

Obligatory item in the questionnaire is information about the availability of your payday loans and arrears on them. After a while, a bank representative will call you back to verify the authenticity of the specified personal data.

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