Bicycle Loans – See how much you can borrow for a new bike

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Has your bike been stolen, or do you just need a new one? Then you can often borrow for the new bike for cheap money if you don’t just have the money left on a savings. In the table below you can see different bike loan providers where you can apply online.

When you order a loan for a new bike from one of the above, you can actually spend the money for whatever you want – There is no requirement that you use them for a particular purpose or security.

What does it cost to get a bicycle loan?

The prices of bike loans vary greatly. Therefore, it is worthwhile to investigate several loan providers before you apply. When you have to compare prices for loans, whether it be for a new bike or something else, you can compare the number APR. It accounts for annual percentage rate, and is a figure for how much it costs to borrow money. All expenses are included in the figure and not just interest. Therefore, it is a real figure for the price of the loan. If you only look at the interest rate, you may overlook, for example, expensive fees or something else.

Bicycle Loans online or in the bank?

Whether you want to borrow money by going to the bank or applying for a bike loan online is entirely up to you. If you apply online, don’t spend time going to the bank and talking to your bank advisor. Everything can be done through. online. All you have to do is print out your loan agreement and send it by mail, so you have money for the new bike within a few days.

If you go to the bank, you can of course also get a cash credit. The advantage of an overdraft is that you do not have to repay a fixed amount, but can pay back as needed. The disadvantage of such an overdraft is often that it will always be utilized for max, and then you pay a lot of money in interest, in relation to a loan.

Then there is of course also the possibility to borrow for a new bike from the bicycle dealer. Many bicycle dealers have different schemes where you can get a cheap bike loan. Contact your local bicycle dealer and find out if he offers such a scheme.

How much can I borrow for a new bike?

How much can I borrow for a new bike?

Now the price of bicycles is a broad concept. You can get bikes for 1000 kr in a supermarket – Or you can get a racing bike for 80,000 – The choice is yours. There is no doubt the cheaper the bike you need, the easier it is to find a loan that suits you. However, if the bike does not cost more than 50,000, most loan providers can quickly give you a cheap bike loan with no security. In the table above you can also see which loans you can apply if you are under the age of 25 – Not everyone lends to young people.